Sunday, December 1, 2019

November Playlist | 2019

Okay, how is it December? I can't believe how quick this year went by, and by now I think I probably say this every year, but still! I'm keeping the reminiscing part for next mont's playlist because the year isn't done yet and there are still a lot of memories to be made, but my oh my has it been eventful so far. November was a weird month for me. I experienced some seasonal depression (as everyone else) and that really affected my mood. I'm not complaining, but when the sun sets at 4 PM you can't help but feel as if you've done absolutely nothing all day. So, whenever I could, I would go grab coffee with friends after uni or go study somewhere that isn't home. I would say that I've never focused on university work as much as I have this semester, and I am damn proud of myself for that. I'm interested to see how long that will last haha. I also went to some pretty cool concerts and gigs this month, and those were the moments I felt the happiest, for sure.
Okay, rambling done. Time for the November playlist:

If I had to give the month of November a soundtrack, it would probably be Oracolo by Skinshape. It's moody but still upbeat, chilled and slightly dark - so basically the weather we've been having in Skopje for the past month. The drums and bass in this song are too good, so if you're appreciative of details like those, I recommend giving this song a listen.

My love Ama Lou released her EP "Ama, who?" and I am over the moon in love with each song! I decided to share the one that stood out to me the most from the EP, but it's safe to say that I've had all songs on repeat every day. Better captured my attention with the laid back R'n'B vibes and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it drum'n'bass moments. Overall, loooove, just love!

Dominic Fike's 3 Nights makes me feel as if I'm hanging out with my friends by the beach with a bonfire and one guy has a guitar (of course) so we're all dancing and singing. It's the polar opposite of Oracolo for example, but when you're in that mood, you just are.

Mura Masa is back with a new sound and I'm soo digging it! In the beginning, I was kind of confused because it's quite different from his previous music so it took some adjusting to. But, there are so many factors why I am obsessed with Deal Wiv It and here's a shortlist of a few of them:
1. No matter if you're a long-time Mura fan, or this is the first song by him that you've heard, you have to agree that the beat is so sick. It just makes you wanna dance and jump.
2. That accent. Slowthai is just so weird (in the best way possible) that he grows on you.
3. The video. It was shot in Belgrade, Serbia (as well as No Hope Generation) and I just love the fact that these UK dudes packed up and out of the whole of Europe, they went to the Balkans to shoot a music video.
4. In this Behind the Scenes video, he explains why he's changed his sound, and how he made the song, and it's so interesting and makes you appreciate the song even more.

Buč Kesidi always ended up on my Recommended, so I would always passively listening to their songs for a while, but once I listened to Nema Ljubavi u Klubu with attention, I was hooked. I have a lot of respect for "unconventional" artists from The Balkans because when somebody mentions Serbian music to me I immediately think Turbofolk which is the only genre of music I cannot stomach. So when young artists such as these guys show up with a disco, indie rock, pop sound that is really popular in the UK for example, I'm pleasantly surprised.

And that wraps up another monthly playlist! Click HERE for the whole playlist on YT or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

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