Wednesday, January 29, 2020

January Playlist | 2020

First playlist for 2020 can I get a woot woot!
If you're seeing a playlist that means that it's the end of the month, so yes, January did, in fact, come to an end. I think that January works differently for students, like, we're all so caught up in exams that the month just flies by, or it goes by really slowly and we're super grateful because we feel as if there's more time to procrastinate. I'm almost done with my exams, two more to be precise, and I am sooo over it. I'm at the stage where I just feel so done with everything that I'm contemplating calling it quits, but then again I came this far, so I might as well suck it up for two more...
Anyway, when it came to music, January was all about throwbacks from older playlists, but also, about songs that just scream summer. Hmm, I wonder why most of this playlist sounds like a big seaside party, I really couldn't tell you. So, if you want to know more about the songs, keep on reading:

I started 2020 with this song on absolute repeat. Kaytranada's latest album is pure gold, and so far I haven't been able to get Vex Oh out of my head. The afrobeat and GoldLink's voice are a perfect match, and the upbeat tempo was just what I needed on a cold, gloomy January day. With this song in my headphones, I feel like I'm on a tropical beach somewhere far far away.

Speaking of afrobeat, my latest discovery Tay Iwar has been a new obsession, and I'm just now starting to go through his work. His latest collaboration with Le Mav for their album Gold is just what the title of the album says. Golden is the song that left the biggest impression on me upon first listening, and I've had it on repeat for the past couple of days. It's the perfect summer song that makes you want to dance your butt off, but since it's winter I'm just gonna vouch for the latter statement.

Lost In My Boots (funny title, I know) by Kwaye was one of those random Soundcloud finds that you don't really pay attention to at the start but then the chorus hits and you're like Oooh this is good! This one is significantly more chill and slow-tempo than the previous two, but just as good none the less.

Louis Mattrs is another artist I found through Soundcloud (and has already been featured on a playlist in 2019) so when his song Pink Lemonade came up in my recommended, I gave it a listen and was immediately hooked. It's another very summery song, it really reminds me of the type of music we would see from bands like D.N.C.E. for example. If you're looking for a chill, "pick me up" song, I recommend this one.

Macedonian band Duper is back with another song, and I gotta say, I was obsessed with Pak I Pak from the very first listen. If I described every song so far as having a strong summer vibe, then this is perfect for those winter blues. The atmosphere is a very dark and pensive one, with an upbeat tempo that still manages to keep the listeners on their toes. I loved the music video as well, A+ job!

The last song on this playlist is by far the strangest combination I have ever listened to. What would happen if you took a turbo-folk classic like Crno I Zlatno by Seka Aleksic and made it modern and vibey? Yep, that is just what Z++ created, and called it Crno + Zlatno because why not. I'm not a huge turbo-folk fan, so I know only the chorus of the most famous ones at best, so you can imagine my reaction when the chorus of this version came up and I was like Wait??? Is this??? I highly suggest everyone listen to it, I'm sure you'll find it interesting ;)

And that wraps up the first playlist for 2020! Click HERE for the whole (new) playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above! Happy listening!

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