Saturday, February 29, 2020

February Playlist | 2020

Soo, the shortest month of the year is about to end, and boy oh boy was it something. Said a lot of goodbyes (and then hello again), met cool people, began with uni, started to develop a routine of some sort. I made a couple of New Year's resolutions and so far so good, I've been sticking to them and that truly makes me happy, even though at times I don't acknowledge it. However, these posts have begun to take on a spiritual role because when I write them I get to reflect and really think about what I spent my time doing. As for the music, this month it was either pop or electronic - no in-between. I gotta admit it's not my most innovative playlist I've ever put out, but I still loved every song I listened to this month so of course, I'm gonna pay them my respects.
So, here's my February playlist:

Khalid and Disclosure's latest collaboration is like my 2012 obsession collided with my 2017 obsession and I'm here for it. I'm completely biased towards Know Your Worth for obvious reasons, but it truly is a really good song. It's the perfect spring/summer tune and I love this direction for Disclosure. I have yet to listen through all of their latest releases, but I'm slowly getting to it!

I'm sorry but the best thing to ever happen to me in February was PCD's epic comeback! I'm sorry, but how have these women not aged a SINGLE.FREAKING.DAY! It's just unnatural how gorgeous they still look, I mean have you seen the video for React?! If not, it's the first thing you need to do after reading this - they look bomb! The song is some wholehearted, makes-you-wanna-become-a-stripper pop and oh how I missed it. PCD is just one major throwback to my childhood, they were my favourite girl group and I always thought that I would never get to see them perform their iconic songs, but now it might become a reality and that's the only reason I get up in the morning tbh.

Although JB's new album isn't my favourite thing he's ever put out (Purpose has my heart!) I'm completely vibing to Get Me feat. Kehlani. If you ask me, she's the perfect fit for this song, the beat just fits her style of music so good!

Got It Good is probably my most favourite discovery in February, and I've had it on repeat for days on end. Kaytranada is officially my newest music crush and I plan on listening to his whole music discography so don't be surprised if my March playlist is just his songs and one or two other random ones. I listened through his entire 99.9% album and I am just completely in love, WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! My favourite thing in the world is discovering gems like this one, and I highly recommend this album to anyone who hasn't listened to it yet.

Moving onto Kaytranada's latest music, Need It feat. Masego from his 2019 album BUBBA has been on my radar for a while now, but since I was completely obsessed with Vex Oh last month, this time around it was Need It's turn. I mean, the fact that Masego is on this track is enough of a reason for you to listen to it.

The Weeknd blessed us with another song, and I am completely in love. I've stated before that his latest singles are like the perfect mix of his older Trilogy days and a bit of Starboy, and After Hours is yet another representation of that. The darkness of the song sets a very ominous mood (something he was very much known for back in the day) but the upbeat twist adds the more contemporary pop-ish The Weeknd that rose to fame. Overall, I'm really enjoying his newest music so far and I can't wait to hear the whole album.

And that wraps up another playlist! To listen to the songs you can click on each individual title above or click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube.

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