Thursday, April 30, 2020

April Playlist | 2020

Another month in quarantine, who would have thought. And to top it off, I'm not in the best mood right now, and nothing turns out how I plan it to be, and I'm behind my schedule, and I think I've reached my breaking point, and I can't even let out my frustration because I don't want my parents to feel bad, and I'm overwhelmed. I *think* I'm out of "ands" by this point.
Objectively, this month has been an overall "meh". I've been trying to keep myself busy by setting daily goals and writing down my schedule. Workouts have become a regular thing (something I haven't done since elementary school...) and I've been doing a lot of reading. And then when I look deeper into these common, mundane things, I realize - I'm working out because I want to come out of this and feel better about how other people perceive me, for them to say Oooh look at her, she's been working out; I read because I have an essay to write and little to no clue on how to do it, so it takes the fun out of the act of reading; I plan my day hour by hour in hopes of doing something meaningful with my time and at the end of the day when I cross only 2 out of the 10 things I had to do that day, I feel like I've failed.
Music has been what's been keeping me sane. More specifically: upbeat, feel-good, dance party for one type of music. No dreamy ballads, no chill (borderline sad) songs, no heart-wrenching wallows. Just plain fun. And I hope you'll find something that keeps you sane here too.

"Glitter" by BENEE is the ULTIMATE feel-good song. My friends can testify when I say this because those were the reactions I got when I sent them this song, and that made me fall in love with the song even more. When I listen to it, I just imagine myself hanging out with my friends, possibly on a picnic under a tree, the sun is shining, a light summer breeze cools us off and it's ultimate bliss.

Up next is Kaytranada (surprise, surprise) and his collab with Syd on "You're The One". I'm most definitely 4 years late to the party with this one, but it kept popping up in my recommended, and even though I've listened to it before, it never stuck out - until now! It's a vibey, makes-you-wanna-dance type of song, which as we can see is a theme this month haha. P.S. His Boiler Room set from 2013 is hilarious (catch the people in the background and read the comments), if you have some spare time, I recommend it.

Don't you just love it when you randomly hear a snippet of a song somewhere and it immediately catches your attention, so you get your Shazam out and you're all excited about this cool new song you found? Yeah, that was the case with "Baby Girl" by Bryce Vine. Add this one to the "makes you want to dance, extra catchy" category as well. I can totally see this song being played at clubs, it's that dance-able.

If a song makes me say "Oh my god this is so groovy" then it's a very special type of song. So far, I've gotten that from Anderson .Paak and a couple of other artists as well, but now I'm adding Lucky Daye to that list. "Real Games" is my most favourite discovery this month, hands down! I just want everyone to listen and acknowledge how amazing this song is, nothing more haha. And to top it off, the video is just A+ aesthetics as well.

I'm not usually one to listen to a Selena Gomez song, but damn, this one is really REALLY catchy. "Boyfriend", in addition to an interesting music video, also has really good bass, and those are two things that, in my mind, make up an Elena-approved song. Shout out to Jane for unintentionally making me become obsessed with this song.

And now, switching things up a bit - language-wise. Sara Jo is one of my top 3 Serbian performers, I just love her pop/RnB sound and just hew overall energy. I think I mentioned this in a previous playlist, but I went to her concert last year and she was bouncing around the stage and was so energetic that it made me love her even more. "Kazi Mi" is her latest single, and it's has a really catchy, short-but-sweet pop sound with an unexpected twist at the end.

Another Serbian artist I truly respect is Klinac, and just when I was done listening through his latest album, he dropped "Pijun" out of nowhere. Although I was a bit shocked (I guess quarantine brings out the creative side in people?) I immediately had it on repeat. It has that distinctive angsty sound, while the back distorted vocals add just the right amount of dimension.

Flume is back, and this time with a song featuring Toro y Moi. I was really interested to see what their sounds would be like together - and it did not disappoint! "The Difference" has a slight drum'n'bass feel to it, but still quite relaxed which is what Toro y Moi is known for. An interesting listen, definitely recommend.

By now, it's probably safe to say I love Gorgon City. A couple of their songs are ones I keep going back to and have stood the test of time. I think that will be the case with "Nobody" as well. Deep house is probably in my top 3 music genres, just because I love how it affects my mind - it makes me just stop and appreciate the different sounds and levels that just one song can hold, plus it completely relaxes me and makes me want to dance. When I hear "Nobody" I immediately start nodding my head and it feels as if I'm not in my room for a second, and rather at a really cool underground party.

And that wraps up another playlist! To listen to the songs you can click on each individual title above or click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube. I'm now gonna go watch 30-minute Zoella vlogs and daydream about it being 2014 again. Byeeeee!

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