Monday, June 8, 2020

May Playlist | 2020

Another month behind us, another playlist post! May was a big blur, to be honest. Things started to look up here in Skopje, so it became a little bit more acceptable for us to see our friends, while still maintaining a distance and sticking to the protective measures. Personally, it was hard for me to "step back into the real world" because I'm a very weary person by nature, and I'm always cautious about what I do and how I act, especially in an extreme situation such as this one. Music was a big part of this month just like the previous one, I used it as a way to escape from reality. And it helped until everything went south, but I guess that's more on June's territory.
But anyway, here's what I've had on repeat for the month of May:

I put Benee's Glitter on my playlist for April, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out Ta-ku released a new song, and it was none other than Glitter, but of course with his own twist! I swear, in moments like these I feel like the music I listen to was destined to reach me at the point that it did, because for example, if I hadn't listened to Glitter (practically to death) before Ta-ku released his rework of it, this song wouldn't have had so much more meaning to me - and that's beautiful to think about. Ta-ku's cover is just as magical as the original but evokes such different feelings. Benee's version is a feel-good-dance-around type of song, while this rework is dreamy and melancholic, so just two completely different states of mind. That's honestly why I love Ta-ku so much, he has a way of seeing things in a different way and proves that everything can be original and authentic, even when it's just a re-imagining of something that already exists. Ok, rant over haha. 

Lucky Daye is back on this playlist as well, I mean how can he not be since his music is literally sent down from heaven? Roll Some Mo is, of course, a song about what it entails, but it's so damn smooth and sexy! This song has so many layers to it, but the effortless transition from down-tempo to up-beat is my favourite. And then the last two minutes are just pure instrumental paradise. I highly recommend everyone go listen to it, it's amazing.  

A big part of this month was the realisation that Apple Music is free for 6 months (thanks Filip haha), so I jumped on that real quick. Somewhere between perfecting my playlists and scouring the web for the perfect photos to go with my playlist moods, I listened to a random Apple Music playlist called Alt-R&B and found two absolute gems: Rendezvous by Col3trane & Miraa May and Third Degree Love Crimes by Lili Kendall. Rendezvous is slower and bit more sensual, while Third Degree Love Crimes is more upbeat and pop-ish. 

I wasn't planning on putting Own It on the playlist because by this point it's old news and everybody and their mother has listened to it, BUT I wanted to pay it the respects it deserves because it truly, honestly, unconditionally SLAPS. Nothing more left to be said here. 

May was dedicated to my new favourite person - SG Lewis. Honestly, where have I been?? His music is so fun and fresh! I've been making my way through his discography, and so far Aura and Hurting are the chosen ones to be on repeat at all times. I read a comment that Hurting sounds like a mix between Disclosure and Kaytranada and I've never agreed with something more in my life. Highly recommend listening to his music if you're in a down mood and just want something that's very ~summer vibes~. 

This is another part where the whole "music coming back 360" thing is at play again. So basically, I follow Rickey Thompson on Instagram (because he's just the best human ever) and through him, I often find really cool music (more specifically through his dancing videos, which are EVERYTHING). And this is where the 360 moment happens, these two songs that really caught my attention were from artists that I absolutely love and adore but had no idea those songs were theirs, so Shazaming the songs and finding out who they're by was one big, happy coincidence. One of them was Elevate by Gorgon City and the other a Kaytranada remix of Beverlay's Typically Her.  BOTH ON MY PREVIOUS PLAYLIST, JUST LIKE BENEE! If you don't find this even the tiniest bit fascinating, Idk what to tell you...

That wraps up another monthly playlist! For the whole playlist on Youtube click HERE or click on each individual title above. Happy listening! 

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