Tuesday, October 13, 2020

August and September Playlist | 2020

Probably two of my worst traits of life are 1. Procrastination and 2.Forgetfullness - so when you merge those two together the end result is this August and September playlist posted in the middle of October :) But let's ignore that for a second and just pray that the October playlist won't be up in January 2021. Okay, (bad) jokes aside, August and September were an ACTUAL blur and I can't even think back on everything that happened. All I know for sure that happened were: exams (so many, so so many), I went to Ohrid for a short time with my parents, and drank a lot of coffee. Everything else is relative, or a more recent October memory. Now that I think about it, maybe I should start writing the intro to the October playlist because I for sure won't remember what had happened in January... 
Okay, without any further ado, here's a mish-mash of styles, courtesy of the moody weather we've been experiencing and my need to match the weather with the songs I listen to:

Probably the coolest song I have on here, so why not put it first? "damn Right" by Audrey Nuna is a very cool new wave pop song with a slight R'n'B beat and I'm completely loving every part of it. Also, the music video is so damn cool and fun to watch! 

I'm sorry but how can I be a person with internet in 2020 and not get obsessed with at least ONE Tik Tok song? It's impossible, so that's why I'm shamelessly putting Stunnin' by Curtis Waters on this playlist. Don't act like it's not an absolute BOP. 

I went down a rabbit hole of French synth-pop 80s wave-type music one day and I remembered that I had a bunch of songs saved on my Shazam from a fun night out in Madrid, in a club that had the coolest most random retro-sounding music ever (Maravillas in Malasana, you still have my heart!). So of course, I went back to see what caught my attention and I was so excited when I found Nanã by Polo & Pan because it just sounds like sunshine and rainbows on a gloomy day! It's very different, I guess, to what people are used to hearing, because the song itself is just a few beats on loop, but I don't know why I find it so calming and positive. 

I casually stumbled upon this 8-minute mix of 53 Thieves' latest EP called "after hours" and although it was just background music, I automatically went back after the first listen and hit the replay button because it was just that good. I actually love this genre of music, the so-called "dream-pop" sound which is something between electronica and synth and dreamy pop-ish vocals. Highly recommend checking this EP out. 

There were times these past few months when all I wanted was to cuddle up in a blanket with a cup of tea and drown in my sorrows, but I say that in the best way possible. It's autumn so it's only natural to be a bit *dramatic* and look out onto the street while the rain pours and you imagine yourself living in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, ya feel? This is where Visions of GideonRoslyn and All I Want come into play, and I think everyone knows how these songs can make a person feel, and if you don't, you HAVE to listen to them. 

And that wraps up another playlist! You can click HERE for the whole Playlist on Youtube or on each individual title above!

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