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October & November Playlist | 2020

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It's kinda funny how I've been merging playlists together (mostly because one month is always lacking in enough new tracks to share), not thinking that this part of the post, which is usually reserved for my monthly reflections, will be a lot harder for future Elena to write. It's easy to reflect on what you did last week, even a month ago, but two months is a bit of a stretch for me. October seems like thousands of weeks ago, and all I can vaguely remember of that month was that it was still pretty warm, I had my birthday, started a new job, and listened to "Put Your Records On" on repeat. Yep, that pretty much sums up all of October, and I'm sad to report that November had no major plot twist as well. But, I am grateful that I even managed to get the opportunities that I did in these past two months, they've been keeping me busy (and sane) and I feel calm(er) now. Oh, I just remembered another big thing that happened in November - I made a Spotify account! I know, I know, this is as good news for everyone as the Covid vaccine being in the final phase. I really am out here singlehandedly making people happy :))) Okay, no more sarcasm, If you'd like to add me on Spotify you can find me HERE (yes, that would be Robert Pattinson as my PP), and I also transferred my whole SBSF 2020 Playlist over there too. 

Okay, MAJOR life updates aside, here are all the tunes I've had on repeat for October and November. A whole mix of moods over here, so don't say I didn't warn you. 

If I had to describe "Better Than I Imagined" in a feeling, it would be like butter on a warm piece of bread - completely calming & leaving you wanting more. H.E.R.'s vocals are always top tier & magical, but they hit completely different when contrasted with the suspenseful drumbeat in the track. And then, some spoken word poetry enters the mix and it's like a match made in heaven. The song is structured like a duet, in which one POV is told through H.E.R.'s part and then Meshell Ndegeocello's POV is told through the spoken poetry part, and in a way a response to how she thinks of the situation. It's truly brilliant. 

"12:34" by Billy Lemos goes up there with the vibey-est songs on this playlist. It's short but very, very sweet. I love the vocals, I love the subtle switch between the intro and the rest of the song, and the beat, my oh my. 

I absolutely fell in love with "Outta My Mind" by Monsune in November. This vibey, groovy tune is perfect for these cold winter nights where all you want is a song that brings you a bit of sunshine, and guys, this is the one! I have yet to explore Monsune's music, but so far I'm getting strong Jungle vibes, so if that's a band that you like, I think you'll love this song/artist as well. 

Of course, we have to have at least one Tik Tok song per playlist, which is alarming because I don't even have Tik Tok :) Anyhow, Ritt Momney's cover of "Put Your Records On"  gave me pure serotonin boosts all through my moody October and pulled me out of my self-deprecating lows, so what I'm really trying to say is I have a special bond with this song. It's light and wholesome and just makes you wanna smile, which is all I need from a song in times like these.

"Coyote" by Mako is SUCH an experience when you listen to it on your headphones with the volume on blast. It's literally what I would choose as the main theme for a villain in a movie - it's dark, it's suspenseful, it's powerful. And the video itself is so beautiful, animation really has a special place in my heart. 

I think at this point, in addition to one Tik Tok song, I must have at least one SG Lewis song per playlist as well, but this time around I have 2! "Dreaming" feels, quite literally, exactly like a dream. A good dream I might add. It's light, it's airy, it makes you happy but also it's still quite chill. And then we have the complete opposite, which is "Feed The Fire" feat. Lucky Daye. I looooove Lucky Daye and I am so glad he's getting a bit more recognition through these collabs, which are all bops at this point. First Kaytranada, now SG Lewis? Go off Lucky Daye! "Feed The Fire" has the disco vibes, the electronica vibes, the good-time vibes. What can I say, they can do no wrong. 

Another song that made me shake my booty and further helped in making me feel less ~depressy~ is "Bella Storia" by Fedez. Listen, you don't need to understand Italian to know that this song is GOOD. It's catchy, it's upbeat, it's a mood booster. You know I love anything that resembles that 80s synth sound, so this one was completely up my street! Plus, I owe my laughs in quarantine to this guy, his Instagram stories and posts made my day and he totally deserves all the recognition he gets!

I think probably everyone has heard Regard's remix of "Ride It"  and it's safe to say that it's one of the catchiest songs I've heard in a looong time. If I close my eyes it's like I'm in a super cool, dimly lit club, which at this point is the closest thing we'll get to a club in a while. 

Okay, but why is every song that Jax Jones releases such a bop? His latest collaboration with Au/Ra "i miss u" is a typical crowd-pleaser - it has the catchy lyrics, the classic yet very effective drop, and it gets in your head after the first listen. If you're in the mood for a party in your room, this one is for you. 

I too hopped on the "Positions" bandwagon, and I gotta admit, miss Grande knows how to make a hit. I don't think this song needs much explanation, it's a bop and we love that. Also, the music video :O Ariana always has the sickest music videos and that's a fact. 

Once in a blue moon, a Camila Cabello song catches my attention, and this time around it's "Should've Said It" which is giving me a sassy Santana vibe. I think that's the whole sound of that album actually, all her hit songs from Romance (at least the ones I've heard) have that distinct sound to them. Nevertheless, I appreciate it because it sounds good and in my opinion really works well with the color of her voice. 

And that wraps up another playlist! As always, you can click on each individual title above to listen to a particular song, listen to them all HERE on Youtube, or HERE on Spotify. Happy listening!

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