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February Playlist | 2021

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Hello all! 

I'm back with the February installation of my monthly playlists, and this time around I'm serving music to daydream that "you're on a yacht somewhere chilling with your friends and having some summer fun" to. And honestly, with the warmer weather we had in February, I think it's totally fair that my playlist is basically anything BUT winter-friendly. And while we're at it, what the hell was February?? It literally flew by and I'm still processing all the things I did (and definitely didn't do) in the past month while trying to balance being productive and taking a chill pill in March. I guess that's maybe why I've been feeling not up to making this playlist because in my mind it's still Feb, and this post is not two weeks late... 

Anyhow, while I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my headspace atm, enjoy some new music! 

Kicking this February playlist with "Alone" by Q, an artist that many say resembles Frank Ocean. I don't know about Frank Ocean, but this song is short and sweet, hitting at just 2:15. And with that being said, I love absolutely every second of it. It's super chill but that guitar and drumbeat in the background just make everything 10 times better. I'll definitely be checking out more of Q's discography in the future!

And now, something a bit more upbeat! "Irrational" by Shay Lia kept on popping up in my recommended and little by little it really grew on me. The song samples Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet" but in a more chill and groovy way. Also, when I found out she's the girl that makes an appearance in Kaytranada's ICONIC Boiler Room set (which I have spent hours watching and laughing at) I just knew I had to include the song here because it's just destiny!  

Hope Tala and Amine's "Cherries" has similar groovy vibes with the above-mentioned "Irrational", with a specific bossa nova meets R'n'B sound. In short, it sounds like the perfect track for your upcoming summer (warm weather themes here). I would also like to point out that the music video is super cool! 

The piece de resistance for me in February was "Baby Powder" by Jenevieve. It's the most smooth, chill, and sexy R'n'B song I've heard in a while, and I recommend you all give it a listen. Her vocals are out of this world and the whole vibe of the song is totally late 90s.  

I gotta admit, February was just filled with powerful asf female vocalists and I just can't believe my luck that I found all these amazing artists! Adding onto my extended list is Amaarae with "Leave Me Alone" and "Jumping Ship" in collaboration with Kojey Radical & Cruel Santine. The first one is very smooth and upbeat, with a super catchy (and relatable) chorus, while the latter is afrobeat goodness with a very eyecatching music video to match.  

While on the topic of afrobeat, Nao's "Antidote" featuring Adekunle Gold is straight gold! (bad pun intended hehe). At this point, anything Nao releases I'm *extremely* down for because she just can't do no wrong. Her signature vocals have the range to be in any kind of song, which is why she's on this playlist again, but this time around on a Disclosure electronica/house track. "Superego" is completely switching gears from the previous songs Nao's been on, and I gotta admit I haven't listened to a Disclosure song in a while, but I'm slowly getting back into the groove with them. This one is textbook Disclosure, part of their 2015 "Caracal" album which is like a more mature version of their signature "Settle" circa 2013 sound. Anyways, I went on a bit of a tangent here, but yes, this song is good, listen to it hahaha. 

DEJA's "Losing Game" is not one to be confused with that Eurovision turned Tiktok song with the same name, as this one is very, VERY different. I'm talking hair flipping, music to turn up to, and feel like a boss bitch to. So yes, if that's a mood you're in, I highly recommend this one to match the vibes.  

And of course, it wouldn't be an Elena playlist if a couple of dance/electronic songs didn't make an appearance. I'm sure that by now, you've all heard "Your Love (9PM)" and "The Business" so I don't need to explain why I listened the crap out of these songs in February. All I will say is, they're 100% mood boosters and if I close my eyes for a minute, and really think about it long and hard, I'm at a party somewhere in a seaside town, drinking gin and tonic and watching the sunset while the DJ blasts these songs in the background. 

And that wraps up another playlist! As always, click HERE for the Playlist on YT, HERE for the Playlist on Spotify, or on each individual title above. Happy listening! 

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