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March & April Playlist | 2021

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Oh hey, fancy seeing you here :)

This post might take the cake for the most over-due thing I have ever written in my life, but hey what's new. At this point, this is how I play the game (and fail at it). I've been MIA from le blog due to many reasons, the main one of them being my internal need to keep my eyes as far away from a laptop screen as possible when I'm not working. My goal for this month is to try and plan my screen time more efficiently so that this (as in, me avoiding screens which in turn means I can't spend my time sharing my musings over here) doesn't happen anymore, because I don't want it to happen damn it! 

Anyways, this is the long-overdue March and April Playlist. And I'll say it straight away - this is not the entire playlist. I have 20 songs I've been listening to on repeat for these past two months, but I just couldn't justify writing little descriptions for each and every one of those 20 songs, so here are just a few of the lucky ones. The rest you can find in my playlists over on Spotify and Youtube. So, let's begin, shall we?

"All That" by Emotional Oranges feat. Channel Tres was on constant repeat in March. It gives off major 90s R'n'B vibes, with a modern twist. It's really upbeat and the hook is really catchy. Definitely check it out if you're looking for something that sounds textbook R'n'B. 

All of Drama and Gorgon City's collaborations so far have had a special place in my heart, and "You've Done Enough" is no exception. I think that the part that really got me about this one was the lyrics. "If I could become someone that I could fall in love with, It'd probably be easier to find you" like COME ONNN, if that's not something to really think about then IDK what is. The song is upbeat, it's catchy and it's completely Gorgon City to a T. 

The ultimate summer main character songs on this playlist have to be "Can I Call You Tonight" and "Can't Stop Your Lovin' ". If you haven't already heard these songs, be prepared to feel melancholic for a summer that didn't even happen, but hey we can all daydream right? 

If Benee was all the rage in 2020 during quarantine, Remi Wolf is the 2021 version of that. "Disco Man" and "Photo ID" have been on constant repeat throughout March. These two songs are like a straight shot of serotonin and make me dance around my room like crazy. I've got the videos to prove it - but that's all the info you're getting out of me on that. Photo ID is the song that blew up on Tik Tok, but Disco Man is just as much a banger as Photo ID, and would highly recommend checking it out for a dance party of 1. 

The thing that I did NOT expect was the new sound of Tank And The Bangas (if you haven't heard their Tiny Desk Concert, U MUST!). Their latest collaboration with Duckwrth and Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah called "Fluff" is a complete bop - it's super catchy, upbeat, and modern - but still has that Tank And The Bangas flare throughout the whole song. 

Another shot of serotonin these past two months has been Still Woozy. His songs "Window" and "Rocky" have made me smile countless times and have become my go-to pick-me-up songs. He's such a silly and positive person, and I think it really translates into his songs as well. 

A song that came up on a random Spotify shuffle was Kara Marni's "Trippin" and it sounded really familiar, and I'm sure it will sound familiar to all of you too. That's because it samples Amerie's "1 Thing" which we've all heard during the early 2000s (and thought it was Jennifer Lopez :| ) Although 1 Thing is truly * iconic *, Kara Marni's modern take on the catchy song is a VERY good rendition, so definitely check it out. Also, I have to add - Kara Marni is just stunning, just look at her in that music video!  

Probably the most bad-bitch-song on this playlist is " Me Eyes" by Dounia. I think you can already tell by the title what the overall vibe of the song is haha. It's sultry but upbeat, and quite pop-R'n'B-ish. But overall I think I just love the message of the song - it's all about empowering yourself and being a bad bitch. And tbh, what more could I ask for from a song?

Time for a moody shift from the generally upbeat songs on this playlist so far. I randomly discovered Nina Cobham on Spotify, and I have been obsessed ever since. She's British but has lived in Spain, so her songs are bilingual and shift from Spanish into English and I absolutely love that. Her overall vibe is quite moody and kinda reminiscent of Billie Eilish, but a Spanish version of Billie haha. If you listen to "Lo Que Paso" you'll totally get what I'm saying. Her other song I'm totally in love with is "Do You Come Here Often" which is a tad more upbeat, but still quite moody. Plus, I love the lyrics of this one. 

And that wraps up another playlist! As always, click HERE for the Playlist on YT, HERE for the Playlist on Spotify, or on each individual title above. Happy listening! 

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